Joyland exists to help you
experience God’s affection without
judgment or religious pressure.

Here’s our understanding of why
this mission is possible and right.

Jesus has already accepted you
into His life—period.

That’s really good news. That’s the Gospel.

The glory and goodness of the Gospel is not that you can invite Jesus into your life; but rather, the insanely good news that He has already dragged* you into His.

Yes, the very same life Jesus enjoys, face to face with His Father in the Spirit,
is the life He is sharing with you and me right now!

It’s time for us to believe the Gospel.
It’s time to help one-another believe into
all that Jesus already is for us.

Here’s the schedule of
currently available meetings.

Especially in these times of seeming isolation, we encourage you to drop-in online and check out one of the many Joyland gatherings.

(If you miss connecting with us live, you can watch and comment on Friday’s message posted each Sunday morning on Facebook. Search for @joylandlife)

*John 12:32 [gr: aorist verb helküsō; to drag as in a net, haul in]

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