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We Believe Jesus’ Presence Empowers Us to Serve with Love and Power

The victorious redemptive work of Christ on the cross was and is comprehensive.
His blood paid for everything. His resurrection defeated death in all its forms. His ascension and rule establishes His authority over all principalities and powers in heaven and on and under the earth. By that we understand that His was not just a victory over sin, or for man alone. It was and is a victory over all of the works of the enemy and over all of the manifestations of the curse brought to creation by the fall of man. We believe that the Holy Spirit releases the authority of Jesus’ victory through our lives as we live in His presence and under His leadership in obedience. For this reason we take risks and with confidence, pray, minister, and speak the love and authority of Jesus Name into any situation caused by sin, sickness, poverty, conflict, misunderstanding, lies, oppression, torment, or any other work of the flesh or the devil. We understand that any authority the devil gained rights to through our sins or the sins of our ancestors has been utterly revoked by the victory of Jesus on the cross. We can now deliberately and intentionally reject the devil’s lies and put our trust fully in Jesus. As we do so in faith, we expect measurable impact from our declarations, prayers, laying on of hands, creative expressions, faith, witness, and obedience motivated by love.