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We Await Jesus Bodily Return to Earth With Excitement!

The end of this age is defined by Jesus coming to be with His people forever!

As this age comes to a close, we have confidence that we will discover the moment to be a glorious beginning rather than a fearful end for those who have confessed Jesus as Lord and believed—in the then obvious fact—that He was raised from the dead! Yes, there will be judgement, but judgement will not be the final work or word of the end times. Yes, individual unbelief will be exposed as the costly, costly evil that it is and has always been. And yes, the devil’s end will be manifest alongside those individuals who clung to unbelief as they are cast into the Lake of Fire. But, all these terrible and awesome realities will be dwarfed in the brightness of the glory of the return of our radiant King and the unveiling of His resplendent Bride. Heaven will be new—prepared to receive her new Royal Couple. Earth will be clean and new again—free of the scars she bore waiting for the Lamb’s Bride to be revealed in all her glory. The sun and the moon will humbly bow and refuse to release their glory in that day in simple, natural deference to the radiance of God—Proud Father, Victorious Son, and Bride-clothed Spirit—taking His rightful place among His people.