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We have been immersed in God’s goodness for quite a while.

You will find some gems to feed your heart in this audio archive:

  • Do you want to escape frustrating enslavement to dualism?
    • (Intro to Dualism plus parts 1-7)
  • Would you like to understand why judgment isn’t only something to fear?
    • (Judgement, It’s not what you think. Parts 1-5)
  • Dare you really know what happened on the cross?
    • (What really did happen on the cross? Part 1-2)
  • Do you know how the New Covenant changed almost everything?
    • (The New Covenant: God sees you as you are. 3 Parts)
  • Do your sins really separate God from you?
    • (The real Isaiah 59. 1 powerful message)

You can study these issues and more below. Enjoy!


We are committed to making these and other important messages available free to all; however, we welcome your gifts to help us continue to produce and distribute life-giving truth about Papa’s love.






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