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We have been immersed in God’s goodness for quite a while.

You will find some gems to feed your heart in this audio archive:

  • Do you want to escape frustrating enslavement to dualism?
    • (Intro to Dualism plus parts 1-7)
  • Would you like to understand why judgment isn’t only something to fear?
    • (Judgement, It’s not what you think. Parts 1-5)
  • Dare you really know what happened on the cross?
    • (What really did happen on the cross? Part 1-2)
  • Do you know how the New Covenant changed almost everything?
    • (The New Covenant: God sees you as you are. 3 Parts)
  • Do your sins really separate God from you?
    • (The real Isaiah 59. 1 powerful message)

You can study these issues and more below. Enjoy!


We are committed to making these and other important messages available free to all; however, we welcome your gifts to help us continue to produce and distribute life-giving truth about Papa’s love.






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  • I have a new mantra: We must get free from a Christianity that teaches The Cross gives us opportunity to go to heaven but its on our performance that we actually enter IN.

    Instead we Honor GOD by embracing the relationship that He has proven by The Cross; cannot be destroyed by sin.

    “What happened on the Cross“, sermon has given a profound explanation to the connection of The Cross to the unconditional Love of the GOD.
    Thank you,
    Shane Gabbert

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