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We believe the Bible is God’s Invitation Into A Personal Relationship With Jesus.

We Get To Read It With The Author Sitting Beside Us!

The Bible is unique among all books throughout all of history. It was written by multiple authors, each being inspired directly by the intervention and supervision of the Holy Spirit, to infallibly record God’s dealings with men beginning with creation, through the disobedience of the fall, through the call and formation of the nation of Israel, through the foretelling and ultimate coming of God incarnate to this world in the person of Jesus of Nazareth (the Old Testament books of History, Poetry, Prophesy, and Worship). Using other writers under the same active inspiration and supervision of the Holy Spirit, He then records the life of Jesus (the Gospels), the creation and ministry of the newly empowered church (Acts), the instructions, counsel, and doctrines to guide the life and development of the church (the Epistles), then the assurance of the victorious end of days—highlighted by the glorious return of Jesus—and the beginning of a glorious new heaven and new earth. (The Revelation). Following their writing over multiple centuries, the Holy Spirit again supervised the recognition and inclusion of these inspired 66 books in the cannon of the Bible. We believe it to be the definitive, unique, exclusive and only infallible and authoritative written word of God.