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There Is No Such Thing As A Christian Without The Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit is in every believer to give them the life of Jesus. He is on any believer who will submit to the call to host His Presence and release the Life of Jesus on others.

The work of the Holy Spirit—Who is God Himself—continues today in the lives of believers as He adopts us into the family of God, confirms that we are sons and heirs with Jesus to the Kingdom of God, lives within us, and takes on multiple roles such as baptizer, teacher, reminder, guide, declarer, worship leader, intercessor, comforter, leader, witness, gifter, and co-speaker. In addition, He ordains and organizes our perfect place in the Body of Christ. Finally, but not last in importance by any means, the Holy Spirit produces in us the very characteristics of His personality and life. These are known and seen in our lives as beautiful and sweet fruit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. As we are led by Him we are confirmed as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, and we are set apart (sanctified) for Father’s holy use. Holy Spirit transforms us from helpless slaves of our fleshly weaknesses into servants of righteousness. As the seed of His fruit begin to ripen and then define our character, we are set completely free from the need for rules, laws, and external constraints that were required in previous covenant relationships. By intentionally being aware of and submitted to His presence and power in us we begin to effortlessly live holy lives, manifesting power, in which the only necessary constraint is love.