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We Believe in the Ever-Increasing Victorious Kingdom of God In Spite of Growing Darkness.

Jesus is the victorious King!

The increase of the government that He shoulders and of its peace will never stop until every enemy is made his footstool and “the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God.” For this reason we believe that we will see, if we learn to look and not be afraid, the forward movement of grace and mercy being extended to the lost and wounded all around us. We will see the characteristics of His kingdom—righteousness, peace, and joy—begin to push back corruption, division and hostility, and depression and fear everywhere we go and release His presence. We believe that in spite of growing darkness in the world and on the people of the world, His light is rising on us—His church—and that we will see many, many, many come to the light of Jesus Christ that is being revealed from our hearts.