I don’t know is a great answer. It means a couple of things:
  • One, “Wow! You’ve asked a pretty great question!”
  • Two, “I don’t know, but let’s think about it, check out the scriptures, ask Jesus about it, and talk about it when we get back together.”

Here is one big truth we honor at Joyland. We are all people on a journey.

We’re all full of our own questions. Where Joyland might be different is: We’re folks who have come to know and to believe that the Lord loves us—no matter what questions we have or doubts we might be struggling with!

Too many folks live under the impossible pressure to get everything right about what they believe or think. It’s way too big a burden for us finite folks! What God really wants is just to be with us, reveal Himself in us, and to grow together in a close relationship where He listens to us and helps us learn to hear His voice and trust Him.

Jesus is your friend. God is your Father. Holy Spirit is with and in you for the rest of forever.

At Joyland, we are friends of Jesus trying to have fun with Him and each other in a sometimes messed-up world—all the while believing everything really will turn out great.